Two types of freelancers.

...'coz getting clients is just the tip of the iceberg.

The one on the left is the artist who gets all kinds of opportunities, collaborates with all kinds of interesting clients and whose work keeps surprising you with its originality. The one on the right chases after the next gig, the next paycheck, the next trend.

This ain't your average course.

I don't want you to be another average hustler.

Over the next five weeks I'm going to give you personalized feedback to set up a profitable and productive freelance business specific to you. In addition to reviewing your materials, I'm here to answer any freelance questions you have.

As a full time creative freelancer myself, I'm not affiliated with any schools so you can be sure my feedback is honest and based only on my experience.

Each week I will ask you to submit assignments for review. Using the framework laid out in the course, I tailor your feedback to help you a) get market-rate paid work as quickly as possible, and b) plan and complete your personal creative project.

There is way too much information out there about freelancing. Articles, books, podcasts - your personal path can easily end up just a sequence of jumping from one new idea to the next. This course offers a clear roadmap to building your creative freelance business. 

Let's see how this course compares with other freelance courses out there:

This course
Other freelance courses
Designed specifically for creatives Generic freelance advice
Created by a full time freelancer working in a creative field
Created by those who make their money creating courses
Personalized feedback through built-in mentorship No feedback
Focus on building a long-term freelance business Focus on short-term techniques to hustle for clients
Assignments to put into practice Passive consumption of videos
Starts with the most direct way of landing clients  Touches on every possible avenue of landing clients
No social media required Make you sign up for all the social media accounts
Focus on creating quality work with unique personal vision Focus on blasting out mediocre "content"
Clear five-week roadmap for creative freelancers developed through years of trial and error Cobbled-together freelance advice from articles and books

Your course creator

Full time freelance illustrator, designer and animator.

Four years ago with no clients or industry contracts, I quit my entry-level studio job to freelance full time. Since then I've hit six-figures making broadcast animated shorts for Al Jazeera English and Nat Geo, standalone work for the International Center of Photography and Carnegie New York as well as commercials for all the usual corporate suspects. I'm in the freelance trenches everyday, and the knowledge I share is based on my experiences over the years as well as my inexhaustible need to do things differently.
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The course

Five weeks with built-in mentorship.

The course breaks down a creative freelance business into two areas: paid client work and the development of a personal creative vision. Let's take a closer look at the steps involved.

Course sections

Delivered week-by-week, you can focus on mastering one area of building your freelance business at a time.

  • 1. Portfolio

    First we develop your portfolio to a professional level. I will be offering critiques and teaching you the self-evaluation methods critical to any creative field.

  • 2. Marketing strategies

    We then extract a set of services from your unique blend of skills, experience and interests and build a professional website that stands apart from 99% of freelancers.

  • 3. Getting clients

    With your work and website in place, you will build a potential clients list and pitch to them directly. No social media, networking or portfolio accounts (Behance, Dribbble) required.

  • 4. Cultivating your creative area of focus

    In order to create original work, you must have a personal creative vision. We specify and define the interest that compels you, using it as a starting point in the development of your creative vision.

  • 5. Developing challenging personal projects

    Based on your chosen area of focus, we develop a six week personal project that will dive deep into your interests and exercise your ability to create with originality.

  • 6. Transitioning personal projects to paid work

    Lastly we learn the methodology required to transition approaches and looks developed through personal projects and apply them to paid client work.

Why build a creative freelance business?

The hustler trades their skills for short term gain. The freelance business owner creates lasting client relationships, which fund the development of a personal creative vision and increases the value of their client work.

  • Outlast and outcompete the hustlers by developing strategies for the long term.

  • Attract (instead of having to seek out) opportunities because of your particular creative vision.

  • Create original works and dictate trends instead of chasing them.


Illustrators, animators and graphic designers have taken the beta-version of the course and loved it.

Course outcomes

By the end of the five weeks, you'll know how to:

  • Build a website where your pitch, portfolio and layout are tightly related and proactively sell your services to potential clients.

  • Self-diagnose and evaluate your work against others in a productive way.

  • Methodically lay out a strategy to improve your portfolio, without getting lost in the addictive and pricey rabbithole of online art education.

  • Learn how to formulate and plan out substantial six-week personal projects that you will bring to completion.

  • Pitch to clients directly and know when to expand into different avenues like networking or social media marketing.

  • Integrate both client and personal sides of your business into a daily schedule.

Five week course. Personalized feedback. $349 - less than a freelancer's day rate.

Number of seats are limited depending on my schedule. You get content released weekly, personalized feedback and answers to all your freelance questions. 7 day money-back guarantee. There's nothing to lose - start building your creative freelance business today.

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